Polyester Hammock Suspension Swing


100% Dacron™ Polyester Suspension Swing for clinical, classroom, educational and home use — Indoor & outdoor.

AWEsome Hammock Medical Swings

Special needs and therapists expressed their needs.
Alpha Wave Engineers satisfied them.

Dacron Medical Swing

All of our handmade swings are alpha wave accelerators


Nearly indestructible, this chaise provides the therapist or owner with years of relaxing comfort and therapy treatments.

Material choices and attention to detail and design makes this a MUST HAVE TOOL for every therapist.

Special needs patient benefit from cochlear and vestibular stimulus, useful in conjunction with other treatment plans.

Why choose a 100% Polyester Hammock Suspension Swing weaved by Alpha Wave Engineers?

  • Suspension Therapy benefits
  • Strong enough and large enough to seat caregiver and patient
  • Superior strength
  • Superior anti-sunlight (UV) degradation
  • Superior anti-abrasion characteristics
  • Absorbs less than 1% moisture (it’s a durable plastic)
  • Will not rot, mold or mildew
  • Quickly and  easily removed for cleaning or storage
  • Disinfect and bleach without damage
  • Low Stretch (less than 5%) will sustain its designed shape (better than any other material)
  • Great for humid environments
  • A multi-purpose cargo/ net- boatswains seat tool & marine safety
  • Easily stowed and takes up little minimal space
  • Easily transported from home -to yacht- to campground
  • Made and hand woven in the USA

polyester marine hammock

100% Dacron™ with Metal Bar

(marine accessories not included)

Relaxation brings mind and body into balance.

Children, adolescents and adults along the autism spectrum, Asperger’s Syndrome included, benefit from our suspension swing therapy. The answer we encountered is that in a comfortable suspended state, the brain produces alpha waves, the most relaxed awake state.

Only $189.00
Includes Hardware

medical swing wood spar

100% Dacron™ Polyester Hammock Suspension Swing with Wood Spar

Alpha wave state contributes to emotional calm thus positively affecting social behaviors; supports mental focus for learning experiences; and enhances language development as the parent, teacher, therapist and others have greater opportunity for reciprocal communication based on the calm and relaxed state of the person in the chair.

Only $169.00 

steel bar safety bumper

Safety Bumpers for Steel Bar & Wood Spar

Only $4.00

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