Exploring the AWE
of Alpha Waves

Alpha waves are generated when our mind and body are completely relaxed and free of stress. As the body starts to relax, certain physiological changes occur—pulse rates lower and muscle tensions release. Relaxation brings mind and body into balance.

Benefits of Alpha Waves

  • Increase in creativity
  • Creates a “flow” state in thought process
  • Ability to more retain information 
  • Balances moods, stabilizes emotions
  • Relaxes body and mind
  • Relieves tension and anxiety
  • Enables peak performance
  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases positive thinking
  • Overall feeling of wellness.
  • Awareness of self: “body and mind.”

(including Asperger’s syndrome)

Individuals dealing with autism, muscular dystrophy, vestibular processing, spatial integration, pressure sore, stress reduction, and those who wish to benefit in the areas of mind/body connection, correction, meditation, and relaxation GREATLY BENEFIT from prescribed sessions in our suspension swings.

Our suspension swing creates alpha waves which benefit you by producing a state of calmness and equilibrium for mind & body: 

 ~ focusing the mind
 ~ enhancing the ability to learn
 ~ supporting communication & social interations.

  • Suspension swings are excellent tools for spatial integration and therapeutic vestibular input for the developmentally disabled.
  • Autistic persons are prone to hypersensitivity and tend to be introverted in social situations.  Soothing comfort and shelter from their external world is found in our suspension swings.

AWEsome Hammock Medical Swings

⇒ Will not rot, mold, or mildew
⇒ Braided DACRON
⇒ Virtually Indestructible
⇒ All Weather
⇒ Will not rot, mold or mildew
⇒ Low stretch (less than 5%) will sustain it’s designed shape. (better than any other material) ⇒ Absorbs less than 1% moisture (it’s a durable plastic)
⇒ Great for humid environments
⇒ Easily stowed and takes up little minimal space

⇒ A multi-purpose cargo/net-boatswains seat tool and marine safety
⇒ Quickly and easily disinfected and cleaned can be bleached without damage.
⇒ Superior: strength- anti-sunlight (UV) degradation
⇒ Superior anti-abrasion resistance characteristics
⇒ Easily transported from home -to yacht- to campground
⇒ A superior comfortable piece
⇒ Makes a great gift.