Clinical/Medical Quality Vestibular Stimulator
(Hammock Chaise)

Suspension swingTherapy Smart Chair, requested by special needs therapists and educators, designed by Alpha Wave Engineers. A must-have adaptive technology tool for any therapeutic setting. Used in schools, homes, clinics, and by those working with patients on the autism spectrum or with safe vestibular movement needs.


  • Large enough to accommodate two adults
  • Open to outsides, anti-claustrophobic
  • Hand woven, tightly stitched
  • 100% diamond-braided polyester
  • Virtually indestructible, provides a lifetime of use
  • Woven body can be easily detached for cleaning
  • Purchase Orders from clinics/schools accepted
  • Insurance companies welcome

Parts and materials are selected for their strength, durability, and application. Two types of rope/cord are used. 100% polyester core with a neo-braided outer jacket. Tensile breaking strength of 1,142 lbs. and a safe working load of 600 lbs.metal-bar-attachment

The chaise basket net section is 1/8” polyester diamond braided cord is tightly hand-woven to help prevent entanglement. The harness and sidelines are set to precise lengths for ultimate comfort.

The eye loops are bounded on the inside by a metal thimble for prolonged durability. All knots are covered and sealed with heat shrink tubing to stop accidental untying or unraveling.

The top section is comprised of a Unistrut™ metal spreader bar, a suspension bridle of 2 metal chains, 2 connecting rings, 2 quick links, and 2 safety bumpers. A metal ring is used to hang the chaise from an overhead suspension point.

The top section bridle is used to connect the bottom section to the woven basket/net to the spreader bar using the connecting rings. The quick links are used for easy removal when cleaning.wood-bar-attachments

A wood spreader bar is also available for home or outdoor use. Made from knotless Northern Red Oak, our wood bar is treated with an extreme low flammability 50/50 mix of eco/green paint thinner and premium shingle oil. MSDS info available upon request.

Top section is comprised of the ring, used to hang chaise from an overhead suspension point, connected to a rope suspension bridle. The bottom section of the chaise is connected to the wood spreader bar using a “Figure “8” knot. Hanging hardware kit also available, sold separately.


Clinical Package – Five Suspension Therapy Swings includes:

  • Hammock Chaise
  • Hanging Hardware Kit
  • Quick Links
  • Safety Bumpers
  • Plastic Sleeve, 4 Mil, 46” x 1”
  • Installation, Use & Special Care Inserts
  • Retail shipping box 30” x 12” x 17”
  • Ship weight 57-60 lbs. F.O.B. Boise, ID

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Material Data Sheet

Load limits and ratings for metal connecting links, ropes. and chains.


Polyester Therapy Swing

Load    Limits

Welded Ring —  5/16″ welded ring. Used to hang the chaise from an overhead suspension point.
[Fig. 1-a]

600 lbs.

Suspension Bridle Chains Zinc Coated Chains — 3/16″ proof coil zinc coated chains (2). For use with metal spreader bar. [Fig. 1-b]

 800 lbs.

Metal Spreader Bar — Type of Unistrut™ metal with heavy beige colored powder-coating as used in schools, clinics, and hospitals.
[Fig. 1. c]

750 lbs.

Zinc Coated Passing Link — 2/0 passing link, for use with metal spreader bar. [Fig. 1. d]

450 lbs.

Quick Links — 5/16″ pear shape (2).  Used to quickly remove the lower net from spreader bar for easy cleaning. [Fig. 1. e]
Ship weight: ½ lbs. each

1,540 lbs.

Chaise Net — 1/8” diamond braided 100% Polyester. Measures 42” x 8’

                         (Tension breaking point )

1.450 lbs.

Wood Spreader Bar — Northern Red Oak (clear, no knots).
 Measures. 1” x 2” x 36”

600 lbs.


Basketball Safety Bumpers — Material: sponge rubber

Hardware Kit – Eye Lag, “S” Hooks (2), Chain
Ship weight: ¾ lbs.

Complete — Hammock chaise, hardware, quick links, metal bar.
Ship weight 12 lbs.
Total height: 5’ 8”

Complete — Hammock chaise, hardware, quick links, wood bar.
Ship weight 8 lbs.
Total height: 5’ 6”

 Hardware Kit 









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