Genesis of Alpha Wave Engineers

Alpha Wave Engineers is the research arm of the mother company, DreamweaversAlpha Wave Engineers-Gilbert Hammock Company, The research of Alpha Wave Engineers origins actually began in concert with the inception of Dreamweavers Hammock Company, in 1985.

It all began in Ketchum, Idaho located near the famous Sun Valley ski resort at an Arts and Crafts Show with a therapist working with the special needs community . . .

Gilbert Gursansky, founder and hammock designer of Dreamweavers Hammock Company, was in his booth busily situating people in the hammock chair while explaining the health benefits of reducing stress on the mind and body when he noticed a woman standing next to one of the hammocks seemingly lost in contemplation.

genisis of awe-alpha wave engineersGil invited her to sit down, stretch out and relax as he customarily did, but she declined the offer and countered with an invitation to come down to Gooding, Idaho where the newly constructed state of the art Idaho State School for the Deaf and Blind was located. The facility’s treatment also extended to persons of all ages with differing abilities.

There was no hesitation in accepting the therapist’s offer. Gilbert knew though his keen observations of peoples’ general response of sighs of relief, comments of being back in the womb and statements expressing pain relief that the swing’s design to provide relaxation was also benefiting people’s well being and health.

Gilbert arrived and was taken on a guided tour of the six-month new facility. Finally, the tour concluded in a hallway leading to the therapy room. He stood in front of two white double doors with small rectangular observation windows with a view into the therapy room. Gilbert approached the pane and looked through. He pulled back in shock by what he saw. Here in this state of the art therapy room, in a brand new state facility were eight bodies suspended in fish cargo nets hanging from a steel beam riding the length of the therapy room. They appeared to be “hanging hams” in a smoke house! As a sailor and weaver, Gil had seen and woven nets for many a purpose, but never before had he seen a use like this one!

The therapist and staff caught eye of his surprise and waved him on in. The staff was delighted at his expression of disbelief as he entered through the double doors. Introductions, laughter and some serious and heart felt conversations ensued.

Suspension swingThe therapist explained that the “hanging ham” people had muscular dystrophy and that thirty minutes of suspension swinging in the nets produced an equal response of one hour of deep tissue massage by the physical therapists. She said that discovering Gilbert’s suspension swings that day in the booth was the answer she and her staff had been seeking in their plight to provide efficient, safe and comfortable suspension swing therapy. They had been struggling with situating patients into the nets then hoisting them into the air given the difficult rigging system and safety factors. The next few days were filled with observations and experiments using the chair. Gilbert’s suspension chair design yielded equal deep tissue massage results from stretching out in the chair and without the physical strain on the patients and staff.

As you can imagine, this newly discovered use of the chair has since benefited literally thousands of people the globe over throughout these past twenty-two years.

This discovery and exploration served as the water shed moment for the research into the how’s and why’s people’s experiences of mental, physical and emotional benefits occurred. Even more importantly, we are seeing how children, adolescents and adults along the autism spectrum, Asperger’s Syndrome included, benefit from our suspension swing therapy. The answer we encountered is that in a comfortable suspended state, the brain produces alpha waves, the most relaxed awake state. Alpha wave state contributes to emotional calm thus positively affecting social behaviors; supports mental focus for learning experiences; and enhances language development as the parent, teacher, therapist and others have greater opportunity for reciprocal communication based on the calm and relaxed state of the person in the chair.

Not patting himself on the back, but Gilbert is probably the one person on the planet today who has spent more time observing people’s behavior in a hammock than anyone else on earth. During these twenty-five years of observation, Gil has done an average of ten large arts and crafts shows a year with an average of 1,000 people coming into the booth and trying out the hammock during each show. That easily calculates to 10,000 people each year multiplied by 25 years of observing and talking to at least 250,000 people.

Now these hundreds of thousands of observations are being formally documented in our Alpha Wave Engineers Environment research project working with schools, centers for autism, families with children who have Autism, adults with Asperger’s syndrome, and programs that work with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.Hammock-Autism Spectrum Research

We invite you to explore with us a new frontier of the benefits of our Alpha Wave Environment and our research with the alpha wave accelerators used while in the suspension swing. Healing comes through the sensory pathways and these pathways are enhanced in an alpha wave state. Thus, our Alpha Wave Accelerators include:

•breath work

•laughter therapy

•music therapy

•visual and art therapy


•kinesthetic approach

Alpha Wave Engineers Environment is your health assurance. The healthful benefits that are derived by following our simple program of AWESOME, our Alpha Wave Engineers Suspensory Organized Methods Environment, creates your least expensive and most reliable health assurance.